Please join the hundreds of others who believe as we do that those touched by cancer need a place to heal and celebrate. We need your gift to make the park come alive.


We have a host of volunteer opportunities, some of which may be perfectly suited to your particular skills and time allotment.


The Cancer Calendar is designed to provide information about all the cancer support, education and fund-raising programs throughout the Upstate in one place.

Cancer Survivors Park

The Park is a unique blend of gathering spaces and natural walkways that provide a place of renewal and healing for anyone who visits. In addition to a restful park setting, the space includes a central pavilion, specialty gardens, sculptural, and educational elements. The park also houses numerous community programs designed to help anyone learn to live with cancer, or any life-altering illness or loss.

Survivor Stories

Follow along as we highlight a new local survivor’s portrait, experience & words of wisdom.

Our Purpose

The intent of the Cancer Survivors Park is to create a space which provides: A space for celebration, a space for learning, a space for healing, and a space for hope.

Support Our Mission

Learn more about the various ways you can help support our mission.