Cancer Support Community (CSC)

About Us

Cancer Suvrivors Park (CSP) is happy to be a satellite location of The Cancer Support Community (CSC).

Providing a full calendar of programs monthly for individuals diagnosed with cancer as well as their family members, care partners, and friends.

All programs are FREE of charge, facilitated by licensed or certified professionals.

Programs are held virtually, in-person and hybrid which provides both options for participation.

Registration is required for all programs; for virtual on-going classes registration is only required for the initial session, you will receive a link which remains the same each week.

Registration is required in order for the program to contact participants/family members in the case of an emergency for program cancellation or rescheduling.

Cancer Support Community Red Door

The Red Door invites you in to be a part of our CSC Community and is a symbol of hope and inspiration

Who We Are

Cancer Support Community (CSC) is the largest non-profit provider of psychosocial services to cancer survivors in the county.

We provide programs to address the social and emotional needs of anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis – be it patient, family member, care partner or friend.

We recognize that social and emotional support is as important as medical care.  CSC provides opportunities to improve your overall health and live your best life.

Our History

After her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Gilda Radner, legendary comedienne and original cast member of Saturday Night Life, advocated for the development of a place where people impacted by cancer could support one another.  She was the impetus for Gilda’s Club, which ultimately merged with The Wellness Community to form the Cancer Support Community.  Gilda wanted to create “a community for people who have cancer to come and play, to make their lives better, to have an opportunity to help themselves and to help other people”.  The Cancer Support Community in Greenville is the only CSC in the Carolinas.

Our Mission

To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community

Areas of Programming

Healthy Living Classes and Programs to help strengthen the body, soul and mind.  These include yoga, Pilates, walking groups, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition.  Note that these activities are taught with the recognition that, at different points in time, individuals have different limitations; class instructors provide different options so that everyone can participate regardless of experience or present ability.

Support Services include connections to persons who share similar experiences and can truly understand what you are going through and support groups so that no one faces cancer alone.

Education is provided through evidence based workshops and classes.  These provide opportunities to acquire new skills, information and techniques related to the cancer or grief journey.  Each month, a variety of topics are offered in an informal setting where you can ask questions and get answers.

Social Events provide opportunities for community engagement, stress relief and enjoyment

VOICES from the Community