Leap of Faith

We honor the strength and courage of Cancer Survivors by sharing Lindsey Bates Motley’s story. Lindsey’s journey was a Leap of Faith – led by faith and not by sight.

We walk by Faith and not by sight – not because we are blind, but because Faith gives us the courage to face our fears and puts those fears in a context that makes them less frightful. – Bob Mullins

The Leap of Faith was made possible by the Friends and Family of Lindsey Bates Motley.

Lindsey Bates Motley’s Survivor Story by Tom Bates

My daughter Lindsey was diagnosed with colon cancer on April 8, 2013 while 17 weeks pregnant. She had her first surgery eight days later and started chemotherapy while 24 weeks pregnant. At 36 weeks, Lindsey safely gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Lilla, who remains healthy to this day. Our joy at becoming grandparents was magnified tenfold by the odds Lindsey and Lilla both had to overcome.

Watch this video about the Leap of Faith Sculpture in the Cancer Survivors Park