Park Elements

Park Elements

Download our Park Map HERE to take a self-directed tour through the Park!

The park is designed to support survivors of all types. Whether they’re currently battling cancer or their cancer is in the past. Maybe they’re thinking of those they’ve lost to cancer or considering the metamorphosis they went through during their cancer battle. This place brings them together through natural elements, buildings, artistic features, and more.

The gardens of Cancer Survivors Park bring natural beauty to the area. Native plants are cultivated throughout the park to provide soothing scents and sights for visitors to enjoy. Water features bring gentle sounds to assist with meditations, and seating areas are available for anyone needing a rest or quiet moment of reflection. Read more about our gardens.

The bridges and structural features in the Park provide areas for gathering, activities, exercise, and reflection. The Center for Hope & Healing hosts regular programs to support prevention and survivorship within the park, while the boardwalk takes you on its shaded path from Church Street down into the lower levels of the park. Learn more about the park structures.

These places provide panoramic views of some of the park’s featured elements while surrounding you with areas for meditation. They are designed to bring people together, whether they’re on a journey of prevention, survivorship, or in the midst of a battle with cancer. Find out more about these elements.

Thanks to the inspired visions of our supporting artists and the backing from donors, the park has sculptures that encourage visitors to be strong throughout their journey. Learn more about our sculptures.


The Cancer Survivors Park Alliance could not exist without the gracious support of our volunteers. Please consider joining this special team!