Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez (56 y/o) // wife of Luis (pictured) // ace DIYer



Zeb (11 ½ y/o), as told by owner Thornton Kirby // chocolate

Bob Cardone

Bob Cardone // husband, father & grandfather // retiree (formerly in IT

Sister Dorothy Brogan

Sister Dorothy Brogan (80 y/o) // nurse & practitioner of love @

Jenny Clanton Bright

Jenny Clanton Bright (31 y/o) // sales rep for LifeHME // mother

Rich Groom

Rich Groom (44 y/o) // husband to Kelly; father to daughters Pearson

Loria Hopkins

Loria Hopkins // employee of the Department of Health & Human Services

Fritzi Barbour

Fritzi Barbour // wife to Steve Barbour (commercial airline pilot & AF

C. David Tollison, Ph. D.

C. David Tollison, Ph.D. // pictured w/ wife Linda, daughter Courtney Tollison-Hartness,