Bob DiAntonio

The tapestry of Bob DiAntonio’s cancer story is woven through with sparkling

Joni Young

Joni Young Angels Among Us I can honestly say I had no

Reynolds McLeod

Reynolds McLeod//2013 GHS Spirit Week participant//2018 Cancer Diagnosis//Peach Milkshakes//Can rock a “Mullet”

Sena Shirley

Sena Shirley//follower of Jesus//wife and mother//lover of water//nurse practitioner//Clemson grad//cross-country traveler//outdoor adventurer//survivor

Kevin McKernan

Kevin McKernan // Greenville Swamp Rabbits // Model Citizen: Tom Brady //

Ann Peart

Ann Peart //Mother of two // gardener// baker //camper // Director of

Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker// Greenville Triumph #8, Midfielder // music lover// enjoys cooking// favorite

Dr. Larry Puls

Dr. Larry Puls// Gynecologic Oncologist// husband// father// grandfather// guitarist// potter// author What

Sharon Johnson

Sharon Johnson// A television anchor//reporter//storyteller//telling the hardest story she has ever had