Carmen Brotherton // volunteer & mentor // survivor of ovarian cancer (diagnosed in 2009)
Posted September 13, 2015

“Being a cancer survivor is a gift — a gift from God. What we do with this gift is up to each of us to discover.

“For me, it has allowed me to tell my story of cancer diagnosis, treatments & how I live a full life; a life filled with passion & purpose. Volunteering at the hospital has given me the opportunity to talk with other cancer patients to encourage, give hope, & sometimes bring smiles to patients’ faces. Then to hear some of them say that I can do this, too — that’s when I know what I went through was worth it all.

“Cancer will change your life. My hope is for each one that is on the journey of being a survivor is to find your passion & use ALL your energy to fulfill it. God has taken me & used me in some powerful ways to help me move on, reach out to others, & to live a very fulfilling life as a survivor.”