Dick Mitchell Cancer Survivors Park Print

Dick Mitchell CSP Print: $50

All proceeds from the purchase of this print benefit the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance.



Dick Mitchell, a Greenville native, is most well-known for his stunning and colorful watercolors featuring locations around Greenville and the greater Upstate area. Although Dick has had a love for watercolor painting since a high school art class, he began his career as an architect after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Clemson University and a Master of Science degree in Architecture from Columbia University. Dick was subsequently awarded the William Kinne Fellows Memorial Fellowship to travel through Europe and study architectural design for six months. Later in his life, Dick began painting again, studying under both regional and national watercolor artists. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions and has won countless awards.

“I find watercolor paintings fascinating. There are so many fine artists and techniques to study. There are so many variations to attempt in watercolor painting that can produce so many phenomenal results. Each painting seems to have a soul of its own, because an artist never really knows exactly the results he or she has until the paper is completely dry. I feel that painting a watercolor is much like carrying on a conversation with another person in that the artist makes his or her statement with the brush on paper, but then the other person (the paper and paint) talks back to the artist by blending, mixing, and producing a response that is not totally predictable by the artist. A watercolor artist can paint the same subject many, many times, and will end up with no two paintings exactly alike.”

This print showcases the Cancer Survivors Park’s iconic boardwalk, which weaves through the upper banks of the park and provides visitors with spectacular views of the river, bridge, and gardens below.