Dorothy Shain Commemorative Scarf

Commemorative Park Silk Scarf: $150

All proceeds from the sale of the scarf will help provide visitors with the skills and support to learn to LIVE with and beyond cancer.



About the Artist

Dorothy Shain, a Greenville, South Carolina based artist, has a dynamic portfolio. Dorothy’s exploration of mediums is reflective of the colors, textures, and patterns drawn from her adventures around the globe. Heavily influenced by her travels, which commenced during a college study abroad program, Semester at Sea, Dorothy has taken her experiences back to her easel allowing the art to reveal the inspirations and influence of the cultures, people, and places seen.

Dorothy Shain donated her talents to create a beautiful and unique commemorative scarf as a special tribute to all those who have been touched by cancer. Images from nature and the Cancer Survivors Park are creatively interwoven to symbolize many of the key elements in the healing process – the blue heron’s adaptability to change, the lion’s strength and courage, the butterfly’s struggle to be open to a new life, and the silver bell trees’ ability to survive and bring forth beauty despite the unhospitable terrain.

“When the opportunity arose to create a silk scarf for the Cancer Survivors Park, I knew that the project had landed in my path for a reason. I instantly felt so inspired by the hard work of the team members involved, the park itself and the innovative + meaningful work taking place in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. The direct impact cancer has had throughout my family, only strengthened my connection to the park.

When the time came to create the artwork for the pattern, the Cancer Survivors Park team and myself knew that it would be important to not only utilize the 26 colors of cancer throughout the pattern, but to incorporate healing elements specific to the Park. From the silver bells to the bronze lion sculpture, we wanted to shine light on particularly special aspects. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to create these special pieces.”