The 1,000-foot long, elevated boardwalk was designed to provide essential access from Church Street to the Swamp Rabbit Trail without disturbing the environmental integrity of the native woodland setting. Take time to slow your pace and enjoy the flora and fauna of this special piece of property.

Boardwalk Overlooks:

The boardwalk was intended to not only provide a path forward but also a lush place for reflection and relaxation. Several arbored spaces will have custom-made benches and inspirational signage in the future.

Spirit of Survivorship Bridge:

Designed to mimic the minimally intrusive profile and dramatic lighting of the Liberty Bridge in Falls Park, this bridge offers beautiful views of the river and, if you are patient, an occasional glimpse of the blue heron.

Center for Hope & Healing:

The light-filled, stone-and-glass building provides a welcoming venue for a variety of survivorship activities. Designed to allow for large gatherings and exhibits or to be divided into two separate spaces, the Center hosts educational programs and healing arts activities in collaboration with the Upstate Cancer Network. One side of the Center will also be a dedicated resource center for survivors, patients, and caregivers, providing them access to the resources and information they need throughout their journeys.

The Banks of the Reedy Amphitheater:

Designed as a distinct destination, this welcoming venue for small gatherings and performances was made possible by the generous support of the banks of the Upstate.

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