Survivor Stories

Survivor Series Stories

The vision of the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance (CSPA) is to change the way we live with cancer. The CSPA Survivor Series, a powerful photography project created in 2015, supports this goal in a unique way.

Started as a social media campaign, the Survivor Series is an honest sharing of cancer survivor stories meant to connect with other survivors at any time. Today, Volunteers with a passion to share these stories and support the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance coordinate and lead this program.

A select number of striking black and white images, and intimate personal stories, come to life in print to share further on large boards traveling around the community.

CSPA is grateful for the opportunity to showcase the Survivor Series in the Upstate community.

Thank you to the many volunteer writers and photographer, Jason Ayers of Sliced Tomato Productions who make this series possible.

Know someone who has experienced cancer & should be featured in the Survivor Stories? Send us a message.