Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

WELCOME to the Survivor Stories! Follow along with #survivorspark as we highlight a new local survivor’s portrait, experience & words of wisdom. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Volunteers with a passion to share these stories and support the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance coordinate and lead this program: Co-Chairs Beth Leatherman and Roz Weston, co-founders Mark Kirby and Emily Price, writers Amy Doser, Deb Spear, Cassie Thompson, Michael McCullough and Kim Lerstang and photographer Patrick Cox. These courageous volunteers have all been touched by cancer. Their passion and willingness to freely share their talents brings these intimate stories of survivorship and connections to us all.

Know someone who has experienced cancer & should be featured in the Survivor Stories? Send us a message.

Want to know more about the Survivor Stories creative collaboration? Read commentary from the editor & photographer (also survivors & friends) about the project, produced exclusively for the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance and it’s vision to change the way we live with cancer.

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