Turning Points and Reflection Areas

Leap of Faith Overlook:

Strategically located at the bend in the boardwalk, the Leap of Faith overlook serves as a visual reminder that life’s path is dark and unknowable, and we must often look to faith rather than our own vision to be able to take the next step forward. Lindsey Bates Motley’s spiritual journey has been sensitively captured in a beautiful book made possible by a grant from her friends at the Greenville County Medical Society Alliance.

Turning Point Plaza:

The plaza is centrally-located at the intersection of the pathways running through the park and represents the belief that each of us holds the power to choose which path we follow. Beautifully anchored by a vine-covered arbor and benches honoring survivors and caregivers, it provides a perfect surrounding for the upcoming Turning Point Sculpture.

Celebration of Hope Pavilion:

This sweeping steel structure, created by the Heirloom Companies, serves as a visible beacon of hope. Designed to provide dramatic overviews of the entire park, it serves as a gathering space for community celebrations, survivorship programs, and casual encounters.

Butterfly Journey Entrance:

Topped by the overarching sculpture “Butterfly Journey”, designed by artist Yuri Tsuzuki, the entryway is symbolic of transformation and hope. The centralized compass serves as a reminder to maintain one’s sense of direction.

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