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Past Recorded Prevention & Wellness Programs:

Prevention and Wellness Series: Hitting the Right Notes: An Introduction to Music Therapy

June 13, 2024: Join us in discovering the transformative power of music therapy in our Prevention and Wellness Series. Join us for an enlightening session that explores how music can heal and enhance overall well-being. Learn about the principles and practices of music therapy, and how it can be applied to various physical, emotional, and cognitive health challenges. Start a journey of self-discovery and healing through the sounds of music therapy.

Prevention and Wellness Series: The Dreaded "C-Word": Talking to Children about Cancer

May 9th, 2024: In this Prevention and Wellness Series, we tackle the sensitive topic of discussing cancer with children. Join us for an insightful session on navigating this conversation with compassion and clarity. Learn effective communication strategies and age appropriate language to help children understand and cope with the complexities of cancer. Empower yourself with the tools to support and reassure your child through this challenging journey.

Prevention and Wellness Series: Hope, Help, and Hospitality: Upstate Support Organizations

March 14th, 2024: Neighborhood Cancer Connection and Let There Be Mom will share about their invaluable services for those touched by cancer. Neighborhood Cancer Connection provides counseling, resources, and financial aid, fostering resilience and empowerment for residents of Greenville and Pickens Counties. Let There Be Mom helps to preserve the legacies of moms & dads who are facing life-threatening illnesses, by creating tangible keepsakes for their children. Through this event, we aim to spotlight the essential role of support agencies in nurturing hope and offering hospitality to those affected by cancer.

Prevention and Wellness Series: Ideas Worth Digesting: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Colon

February 8th, 2024: Let’s cover the basics about colorectal cancer including screening, staging, treatment, adverse effects, survivorship, and Quality of Life. Our Speaker, Dr. Jammula is a Prisma Health Gastroenterologist and has been in Greenville since 2013. Dr. Jammula received her medical training in India, completed residency at a Weill Cornell affiliated hospital and a Clinical Nutrition and Gastroenterology fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

Click here to learn more about the cologuard stool sample test.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Can We Really Reverse Chronic Disease and Prevent Cancer?

January 11th, 2024:Exploring the powerful role of health promoting daily habits and practices for cancer risk reduction established by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). The American College of Lifestyle Medicine delivers evidence-based behavioral modifications to prevent, reverse, and treat many lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Cancer prevention is a crucial element of primary care and lifestyle medicine, and merits to be recognized. This session is presented by Dr. Cassidy Hood, aFamily Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor, USC School of Medicine Greenville.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Women’s Sexual Health and Pelvic Floor Therapy

December 14, 2023: Welcome Mary Tepe as she discusses sexual health throughout the cancer therapeutic process. While there are challenges, this has been an area of active research and intervention with progress made. She is joined in this discussion by expertise of pelvic floor physical therapy.


Prevention & Wellness Series: Should I Really be Part of a Clinical Trial?

November 8 2023: What is a clinical trial? Are they available to me? What questions should I ask? We are pleased to have with us Dr. Julie Martin, DNP, AOCN, NP who is Director of Cancer Research at the Prisma Cancer Institute. Dr. Martin will review the various phases of research and some of the specialized research ongoing at Prisma via translational trials and biorepository samples. You hear of cancer treatment breakthroughs. Many such breakthroughs are happening in our Upstate institutions.

Julie Martin, DNP, FNP, Director of Research for the Prisma Health Cancer Institute



Prevention & Wellness Series: The Importance of Knowing your Family Health History

October 12, 2023: Join genetic counselor Lindsay Metcalf, MS, CGC, as she explains hereditary cancer and lets you know if genetic counseling would help you and your family understand your cancer risk. Learn about genetic testing: What it can tell you, what it can’t tell you, and the best way to go about getting informative medical genetic testing.

Lindsay Metcalf, CGC, Genetic Counselor, Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship

Prevention & Wellness Series: Living with Uncertainty

September 14, 2023: A patient becomes a Survivor when a diagnosis of cancer (or any chronic disease) is rendered. And with it comes uncertainty. Maybe it gets better, but does it ever go away. Join us as we discuss the fear, the unknowns with Kerri Susko, Director, Cancer Support Community at Prisma Health and Counselor within the Prisma Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship.

Kerri Susko, LISW-CP, OSW-C, Director, Cancer Support Community at Prisma Health. Counselor, Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship, 

Prevention & Wellness Series: Post-Menopausal Health and Cancer Risk

August 10, 2023: Another challenge for the female cancer survivor is that of menopause, often, due to treatment, premature. What therapeutic options are available? What is the advice for bone health? Jonathan Bailey is board certified and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. As well, Dr. Bailey has been certified as a menopausal medicine provider through the North American Menopausal Society.

Jonathan Bailey, MD, Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics, and certified menopausal medicine provider through the North American Menopausal Society

Prevention & Wellness Series: Navigating the Financial Toxicity in the AYA Cancer Journey

July 13, 2023: While all our Survivors have burdens throughout their journey, the group from ages 15 through 39 (Adolescent and Young Adult) have unique challenges and circumstance. Learn how Mechelle Allen and her team at St. Francis manage the therapeutic, psychosocial, and financial challenges of this special population.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Whole Foods & the Plant Based Diet

June 8, 2023: Research suggests that a plant-based diet may have a number of health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases such as cancer. In this talk, Dr. Beth Motley will explore the potential role of a plant-based diet in cancer prevention and treatment. We will discuss the available scientific evidence on the subject, including studies that have examined the relationship between plant-based diets and cancer risk and survival. We will also cover practical tips for transitioning to a plant-based diet and guidance for those interested in following this type of eating style.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Benefits of Massage Therapy in the Oncology Setting

May 11th, 2023: Explore the benefits of massage therapy for your health with Dr. Ann Blair Kennedy, a University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville Assistant Professor and South Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist. With more than two decades of experience in the field of massage therapy Dr. Kennedy will share the latest research findings on integrating massage therapy into cancer care as a supportive therapy, how massage therapy can improve health after cancer treatment, and ways to find a therapist in your area.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Exploring Vibrational Energy and Sound Therapy

April 13th, 2023: Vibrational wellness comes through many frequencies and dialing in to sound healing is an ancient human art form that we’re discovering provides a long list of health benefits. Specific tones can manipulate our bodies on a bimolecular level, just as sound waves create specific movements through water and mass. Pleasant sounds comfort us. Interactive drumming reduces anxiety, releases endorphins, and creates a camaraderie with the world around us. Jeff Holland will present some of his personal experience, as well as some sound examples and techniques to add more healing sounds into your life.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Therapeutic Horticulture, Healing Gardens

February 9th, 2023: Gardens, landscapes, and other areas of ‘organized nature’ have long been known as contributors to all aspects of our health. Join Clemson professor Dr. Ellen Vincent as she reviews this field from an historical perspective adding data-based studies of its clinical benefit as well as local examples of Healing Spaces in the Upstate.

Prevention & Wellness Series: A Woman's Guide to Navigating Cancer's Invisible Load

January 12th, 2023: Our medical team carefully explains our treatment plan, procedures, and next steps. But is it really possible to be prepared to navigate a cancer recovery? Join our Australian partner Sally-Anne, BN as she shares her story of recovery from colon cancer. We will review her book and learn more about her journey. If you are on your own during your cancer challenge, or if you are a healthcare professional seeking to understand more about the needs of women in their cancer recovery, Sally’s comments and book are most welcome.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Planning for Prevention - Cancer Screening and Early Detection

December 9th, 2022: One third to one half of cancers are preventable in western populations. Primary prevention methods focus on stopping cancer before it starts. Secondary prevention methods such as regular screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when the disease is most treatable. Join Susan Webb, Nurse Navigator, BSN, OCN of the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness as she will go over the latest updates in cancer screening guidelines, how to get screened, and important questions to ask your doctor.

Prevention & Wellness: Breast Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

November 10, 2022: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Join LeAnn Perkins of the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness at Prisma Health for a conversation on Breast Cancer Risk and Strategies for Prevention. LeAnn will discuss modifiable lifestyle factors that may increase or decrease your risk of breast cancer, recommended surveillance and screening, and best practices for managing side effects and optimizing health post breast cancer treatment.

Prevention & Wellness: Caring for the Caregiver

October 13, 2022:Caregivers play a critical role in the care of a loved one with cancer. Supporting your loved one and helping them navigate through day-to-day challenges, physical changes, a myriad of emotions and unexpected stressors may leave little time for tending to your own personal health and wellbeing. Join Tanya Carter, LMSW, CHC of the Prisma Health Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship as she leads us in a conversation focused on practical caregiver resources and helpful tips for prioritizing your own self-care.

Prevention & Wellness: Welcome to Your Brilliant Body

September 8, 2022: The body is brilliant because it allows us to feel, think, observe, move, and breathe. How we respect and treat our bodies can impact our health in either a negative or positive way. Join health and wellbeing coaches Maria Kugler and Anne Lowell as they discuss reestablishing a strong and fulfilling relationship with our bodies though chosen beliefs, practices, and tools anyone can thrive with

More from Anne Lowell:

Prevention & Wellness: The Necessity of Integrative Health

August 11, 2022:

Rooted in lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine is essential to more effectively manage disease such as cancer and other chronic illness. Integrative health combines mainstream medicine with complementary therapies emphasizing physical, mental, and social well-being with a focus on care for the whole person. Join us as we welcome global health innovator and expert in her field, Leigh Leibel as she will discuss the necessity of these practices.

Leigh Leibel, M.Sc., C-IAYT, ACSM-CET (pronouns: she/her) is based in New York City and works at the intersection of Integrative Medicine and Cancer / Noncommunicable Disease (NCD) to promote lifestyle-based prevention, risk-reduction, and supportive care. She is a recognized authority on the clinical application of evidence-informed mind-body practices in cancer and medically fragile populations to mitigate adverse effects of disease and treatment, improve quality of life, and impact clinical outcome.

Learn more about our July speaker at

Prevention & Wellness Series: Cancer Care and Treatments: Misinformation and Misunderstanding

June 9 2022: The past several years have seen an increase in questionable and unfounded medical claims often termed medical misinformation. Misinformation makes the process of navigating medical illness difficult particularly for patients with significant illnesses such as cancer. Dr. Siegel will explore the history of medical misinformation, why it has become so prominent lately, and what you can do to help sort through all the claims to find useful information.

Dr. Robert Siegel, MD, FASCO, Medical Director, Bon Secours St. Francis Cancer Center, Board of Directors, American Board of Internal Medicine

Prevention & Wellness Series:HPV, What We Have Learned and What’s Next

May 12, 2022: HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a very common virus effecting over 80% of the population. Six types of cancer are caused by HPV infection. Join Heather Brandt, PhD ( of St. Jude’s)as she discusses the importance of HPV vaccination for cancer prevention, and the major strides we have been able to make to alleviate the burden of HPV cancers. Dr. Brandt will also discuss the way in which St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program is focusing on communities, clinicians, public policy and advocacy to improve HPV vaccination coverage.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Colon Cancer Prevention

April 14, 2022: Colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer affecting men and women in the United States. Join Julia Yates, MSN, from the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness for a comprehensive discussion regarding the specific symptoms, risk factors, and prevention techniques. Julia will also go over different screening methods, the importance of screening and recent changes in screening recommendations.

Prevention & Wellness Series: Gut Health & Restoring the Microbiome

March 10, 2022: Once an overlooked aspect of overall health, gut health has gained much attention in recent years as researchers have discovered the many correlations a healthy or unhealthy gut has on our overall state. Join Dr. Andre Eaddy as he will lead a discussion on the microbiome how it affects our physical and emotional constitution and why gut health matters.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Ancient Practices for Health and Healing

February 10, 2022: Join certified yoga instructor and physical therapist Peggy Ambler, PTA, RYT 500 alongside medical qi gong instructor and structural body work therapist Zachary Fant as we discuss Ancient Practices for Health and Healing. These local instructors will go over the foundational roots of their respective practices, how and why these modalities have been used for health and healing, the mind body connection of such practices, and simple ways we can incorporate more ancient health and healing techniques into our everyday routine.

Zach’s Website

Peggy’s Website 

Prevention & Wellness Series on Plant Based Eating

January 13, 2022: Research indicates that a plant-based diet can contribute to cancer prevention. Join Cancer Institute dietician Finley Nadler for an hour long discussion focused on simple and lasting ways to pursue a more plant based diet. Finley will go over how to make a plant- based diet work for you, ideas on what to eat for each meal of the day, snacking tips and, how to realistically maintain healthy eating. If you have already been focused on plant- based eating but have questions or concerns, there will be time for Q&A.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Stress

December 9, 2021: Join Prisma Health Cancer Support Community Director, Kerri Susko, LISW-CP, OSW-C, MBCT-C as she will discuss the mindful management of stress. Kerri and Prevention and Wellness series host, Dr. Giguere will dive into stress and mindfulness-based techniques to ease our individual stress responses.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Spirituality

November 11, 2021: Spirituality can be defined as one’s understanding of meaning, purpose, peace, and connection to the world. Each person’s spiritual beliefs are unique however, might guide ones ultimate values or concerns. How does spiritual health relate to our overall health and wellbeing? Join Prisma Health Cancer Institute Chaplain Blake Miller along with Bon Secours St. Francis Oncology Specialist Dr. Stephen Dyar as they will share their experience in this topic

Prevention & Wellness Series on Exercise

October 14, 2021: Exercise has been proven to promote health benefits such as weight loss, reduced fatigue, and improved conditions for adults experiencing at-risk chronic health conditions. Among the many physical benefits, exercise has also been linked to improved mental health! Exercise naturally increases serotonin and endorphins, allowing for regulated sleep patterns, improved mood, and reduced side effects of stress on the brain.

Join Associate Professor at University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Core Curriculum, Jennifer Trilk, PhD, FACSM, FAGLN, DipACLM as she dives into the many mind-body benefits of physical activity, tips on how to make movement a routine, and how small steps can lead to big outcomes when it comes to physical activity.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

September 9, 2021: Join us virtually as we discuss nature’s vital role in human health and well being. Local wellness retreat leaders will discuss the power of disconnecting and how spending more time outdoors can reduce stress, rejuvenate mood, heal the mind and improve quality of life.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

July 8, 2021: Breast Cancer Prevention with Dr. Brian McKinley
Studies have shown that 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Most women who develop breast cancer have no family history of the disease suggesting a significant link between modifiable risk factors and breast cancer diagnosis. While there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, there are simple actions you can take to lower your risk or the risk of recurrence. Join Dr. Brian McKinley, MD of the Prisma Health Breast Health Center for a virtual presentation on Breast Cancer Prevention. Dr. McKinley will go over key preventable and environmental risk factors, the latest screening guidelines for early detection, answers to common mammogram questions, breast cancer survivorship and recommended lifestyle modifications to reduce your breast cancer risk.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

June 10, 2021: Prevention & Wellness Series: The Science of Epigenetics and Why your DNA is not your Destiny

Lifestyle and environmental factors, whether adverse or positive, can result in epigenetic changes that can alter the physical structure of DNA, thus affecting human health.

Given the growing number of lifestyle associated cancers in the United States, it is becoming increasing clear that early molecular events that increase risk to a subsequent cancer could be arrested or reversed via lifestyle modification and early intervention.

Join our host Dr. Jeffery Giguere as we examine how the human genome is “played” over the course of a lifetime through the lens epigenetics. Don’t miss out at we discuss the science behind how small actions can lead to great health outcomes or serious health consequences.

Additionally, we will learn about a local study, Prevent Cancer Greenville, as a team of researchers and medical providers help people address their individual cancer risk through evidence-based prevention recommendations. The team monitors health changes while collecting sample data over a number of years to further uncover the relationship between lifestyle choices and cancer development over time. The goal is to examine this data to better understand how and when we might be able to interrupt cancer development at its earliest, when it is more treatable.

If you are interested in signing up for the Prevent Cancer Greenville Study please click here to learn more or call 864-455-2279  Email:

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

May 13, 2021:Dispelling common misconceptions about diet, exercise, and wellness according to new guidelines in Lifestyle Medicine.

With significant changes in diet, exercise and wellness recommendations over the last 20 years, one might find themselves asking the question, “what does it truly mean to be healthy?” Hint: It is not all about following the latest weight loss trend or fitting into your favorite pair of jeans!

Join Lifestyle Medicine Certified Nurse Practitioners Gina Franco and Pam Cloys of the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship for a “Q & A” style discussion dispelling common misconceptions surrounding diet, exercise, and wellness. Get answers to questions such as “What is considered adequate exercise, for me?” or “A complete plant based diet is not going to happen in my household, what else can I do?” Whether you are a self-proclaimed health nut or interested in learning how to easily incorporate healthier habits, there will be something in store for you!


Local exercise programs:

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

April 8, 2021:Planting a Cancer Fighting Garden with Holistic Certified Nurse Navigator, Stephanie Hoopes of the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship

Spring is here! April is a wonderful time to get started on planting your summer vegetable garden. Join Prisma Health Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship Nurse Navigator Stephanie Hoopes for an interactive learning discussion on planting a garden for cancer prevention. Stephanie will go over herbs and vegetables that have been known to help decrease your risk for cancer, best methods for planting in a variety of spaces (small spaces included), water and sunlight recommendations, common obstacles, and tips for when to best pick your delicious crops off the vine!

Prevention & Wellness Series on Integrative Medicine

March 11, 2021: Defining Integrative Medicine and its Role in Cancer Prevention with Dr Mary Brittain Blankenship of Spruce MD Integrative Medicine Join Internal and Integrative Medicine physician Dr. Mary Brittain Blankenship of Spruce MD Integrative Medicine for a virtual discussion on the benefits of proactive, personalized medical care. Dr. Blankenship will discuss how she uses the integration of conventional medical practices with evidence-based alternative modalities to get to the root cause of medical issues and treat the “whole person.” In this session Dr. Blankenship will discuss how nutrition, physical activity, sleep optimization, stress management, and environmental health all play roles in prevention of cancer and chronic disease. She will also provide suggestions on integrative practices to incorporate into our everyday lives to address these topics!

Prevention & Wellness Series on Healthy Nutrition

Feb. 11th, 2021: Join family and lifestyle medicine physician Dr. Beth Motley, and Greenville area restaurant owners Deb Bouts of Sun Belly Cafe, and Wendy Lynam of Topsoil for a virtual discussion on how food choices can harm or help your risk for cancer. They will have an interactive dialogue, moderated by CSPA Board member Rose Mihaly, about dietary recommendations, practical and simple recipes you can prepare easily to introduce plant based choices that will satisfy discerning foodies and basic-food eaters alike. They will answer your questions, and provide helpful tips for grocery shopping, how to season food to create tasty and satisfying flavor, and how to make healthy menus selections when eating out. Sign up to attend via zoom. You will be automatically entered in a random drawing for two complimentary tickets to the Topsoil Supper Club, March 2021 Plant Based Dinner.

Beth Motley MD is a dual boarded Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician with Prisma Health. She is faculty at USC School of Medicine Greenville, serves on several American College of Lifestyle Medicine committees, and is an advocate for dietary prevention and reversal of disease in our community. 
Beth Motley, MD, FACLM, DipABLMFamily Medicine/Lifestyle MedicinePhysician, Greenville Family MedicineClinical Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina SOM GreenvilleDepartment of Family Medicine
Prisma Health-Upstate
Click here to visit Dr. Motley’s YouTube
Click here to visit Dr. Motley’s Food As Medicine Facebook Page


Deborah Bouts grew Sun Belly Café out of seeds of inspiration from her grandmother and a comment she overheard after a teaching a yoga class.

Her grandmother’s kitchen on the family farm in Ohio was a constant hive of activity and always open, to all comers. No visitor ever left hungry. Deborah was at her grandmother’s elbow, wielding a wooden spoon, any chance she could get.

Years later, Deborah heard one of her yoga students say she felt guilty taking the time to practice because that meant her family would be eating McDonalds that night. Deborah went home and made her some soup so after the next class, those kids would be well-nourished.

Other students were soon placing orders and, just like her grandmother, Deborah took care of them all, going out of her way to accommodate those with allergies and dietary restrictions. Having two children with Type 1 diabetes, one of whom is also celiac, she was always acutely aware of the value of the right food for the individual.

Word got around and over the years, Sun Belly Café met demand as it appeared, growing from her own kitchen, to one not much larger at the back of the yoga studio, and now to a stand-alone building on West Blue Ridge Drive, that offers Greenville’s only fully vegan and gluten free menu.

Deborah’s philosophy in the kitchen is simple, help the ingredients speak for themselves with respect and love for what goes on the plate, and for those who will eat it.

Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower
Preheat oven to 350. Rinse and chop one head of cauliflower into bite size pieces. Mix together 1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise, 1 tbsp Dijon mustard or 1 tsp ground mustard, 1 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp garlic salt (optional). Add cauliflower and massage pieces to cover all sides. Spread evenly on a roasting pan and roast for 15 minutes.
Cauliflower Rice
Rinse and chop one head of cauliflower. Run through food processor in batches, then spread evenly on a baking sheet. Broil until lightly brown. You can season with herbs or spices before broiling – get creative!
Cauliflower Steak
Rinse and cut cauliflower into 1” thick slices. If you have a panini press -Carefully place on roasting press, drizzle with a little olive oil and black pepper. Grill until cooked through. You can also roast at 350 until soft. Serve over your choice of greens and colorful vegetables such as sweet potatoes or butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and carrots.
Cauliflower Lima bean soup
This will vary depending on your leftover cauliflower! Estimating one head of cauliflower left: add to a pot with 2 cups lima beans and 4 cups of broth (or 4 cups water and 4 tsp bullion). Bring to a boil, add fresh dill and black pepper; purée until smooth.

Click Here to visit Sun Belly’s Facebook page for information on menu, services and events

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Our mission at Topsoil is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food. We know that our restaurant is a vital link between small farmers and the community, and we feel a responsibility to protect and grow our local food supply.
Topsoil began as a plant based supper club with the sole mission of connecting people to their food. Each dinner featured a chef, farmer, sommelier and coffee professional to share the stories of the food and beverage that were prepared and shared each evening. Since then we have built upon that foundation of purpose to create a full scale restaurant in Travelers Rest SC. Local sourcing is at the heart of everything we do and our relationships with our local small farmers have grown exponentially.
Our motto is “Plant forward. Protein Particular.” Which is our promise to our community that we are intentional with every decision on their plate. The sustainability of small farms is vital to our health and our communities, and our daily decisions to support them as a restaurant are crucial.
Topsoil Supper Club continues to this day as a monthly celebration of small farms and the benefits of a plant based diet. We have furthered this mission with the creation of Planted, a plant based chef prepared meal program targeted at busy people that want to eat healthier. Planted is 5 meals a week for pick up that is built around what’s coming out of the fields of local small farms including our own.
In 2020, Chef Adam Cooke, received a semi-finalist nomination for Best Chef Southeast from the James Beard Foundation.  Adam is no stranger to working with farm fresh produce having spent 7 years of his professional cooking career at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.
Topsoil is about community and small farms and the beauty of what happens when the two come together.
Secret Ingredients mentioned by Chef Adam Cooke in the Zoom call to add flavor to vegetables:
Yuzu juice – citrus
White Shoyu – light soy sauceStar Anise – star shaped spice, add to broth whole for flavorWhole cinnamon sticks with leeks or onions
Kombu  sheets- quality is important (sea kelp) adds umami

Click Here to sign up for the March 10th Plant Based Supper Club. Use code “PLANTCURIOUS” at checkout

Click Here to see Chef Adam Cooke’s Dashi Broth recipe
Click Here to visit the Topsoil website

Prevention & Wellness Series on Infectious Agents

January 14th, 2021: In this session, Dr. John Weems will discuss the 11 infectious agents that have a proven association with the occurrence of cancer.  It is estimated that 15-20% of cancers worldwide are associated with an infectious disease.  We will discuss the different ways that infections are associated with cancer, how treatment of an underlying infection may influence the behavior of cancer, and strategies to prevent infection and thereby also the associated cancer.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Genetics

Nov. 12th, 2020 –  Genetic counselor Lindsay Metcalf, MS, CGC, explains hereditary cancer and lets you know if genetic counseling would help you and your family understand your cancer risk. Learn about genetic testing: What it can tell you, what it can’t tell you, and the best way to go about getting informative medical genetic testing.


Prevention & Wellness Series on Nutrition

Oct. 15th 2020 – Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s registered dietitian, Finley Nadler, and Dr. Giguere have a virtual discussion on how food choices can harm or help your risk for cancer. They will have an interactive dialogue about dietary recommendations, grocery shopping, and the benefits of eating more plant-based foods.