Virtual Programs

We’re hosting virtual programs at the park! Visit our program calendar to see what’s coming up or scroll down to see recordings of recent sessions.

Prevention & Wellness Series on Genetics

Nov. 12th, 2020 –  Genetic counselor Lindsay Metcalf, MS, CGC, explains hereditary cancer and lets you know if genetic counseling would help you and your family understand your cancer risk. Learn about genetic testing: What it can tell you, what it can’t tell you, and the best way to go about getting informative medical genetic testing.

Prevention & Wellness Series

Oct. 15th 2020 – Prisma Health Cancer Institute’s registered dietitian, Finley Nadler, and Dr. Giguere have a virtual discussion on how food choices can harm or help your risk for cancer. They will have an interactive dialogue about dietary recommendations, grocery shopping, and the benefits of eating more plant-based foods.