Nurture Hope

Join the Heartbeat of Our Park

Learn more about the different volunteer opportunities with our four teams!

More questions? Contact Laura Coleman Nickles or call (864)255-5010.

Get your hands dirty with the CSPA Green Team!

If you enjoy our Park and want to help keep it in pristine condition, this is the group for you. Our Green Team leads the charge on Park clean up days by collecting trash, pulling weeds, sweeping the boardwalk as well as planting in our gardens.

Enjoy planning and executing events? Join our Special Events Volunteer Group! In this group you could support CSPA staff execute fundraisers like CHOP! Cancer, Cancer Survivors Day or any community event that CSPA participates in. From decorations to donations, we could use your help with all of  it!

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day! CSPA Staff sometimes needs help organizing the office, addressing envelopes, answering phone calls etc. If you have free time on our hands, come hang out with us in the CSPA Office!

Do you enjoy CSPA Programs and Resources? Help us continue these programs by volunteering during a program or taking our resource navigator training classes! CSPA has weekly open hours and Programs that need staffing!

Volunteer Testimonials

Gina O'Donnell

Administrative and Special Events Volunteer

When my mom went through breast cancer, she was showered with support. I know that she was lucky to have that community around her, so I volunteer at the park to help build a community for those who may feel alone during their cancer journey.

Chuck Flloyd

Survivor, CSPA Volunteer, and 2019 CHOP! Cancer Chef

From the beginning of our journey until the end, we found comfort here.  We shared in the beauty and peacefulness together, now this is where I go for much-needed peace.

Nancy Frank

Cancer Survivor & CSPA Volunteer

As a fitness instructor and cancer survivor, I know how important it is to stay physically and emotionally fit during and after treatment. Volunteering to lead free Pilates classes at the park allows me to continue my own healing through reaching out and helping others.